"WOW! Europe embraces MOOCs" Presentations online

The HOME project held a succesful Conference in Rome on 30 November 2015. The video recording is available next to the following presentations: 

1) Access, equity, quality, sustainability: what role for open online learning in higher education and lifelong learning: a UNESCO perspective by Mariana Pãtru

2) How Europe embraces MOOCs by Darco Jansen

3) Il Progetto CRUI: MOOCs Italia by Flavio Corradini

4) EduOpen network in Italy by Pierpaolo Limone

5) Building OOC layers on top of existing courses by Christian Dalsgaard  

6) (M)OOCs in Iceland: Language and learning communities by Sólveig Jakobsdóttir 

7) MOOCs in the News: A European Perspective by Vitomir Kovanovi 

8) Hold the Front Page: The Story of MOOCs in the Irish Media by Mark Brown 

9) Feasibility of creating a collaborative MOOC for Ireland: Opportunities and Challenges by Michael Hallissy

10) The implementation of MeaeX the Greek MOOC platform from Hellenic Open University by Michalis Xenos

11) Using Moodle for MOOCs by Gavin Henrick

12) Can MOOCs be a beginning not a fad in HE by Cengiz Hakan Aydin

13) Is there a sustainable business model for TU Delft Extension School? by Willem van Valkenburg

14) Governmental business models for MOOCs by Piet Henderikx

15) MOOCs as one of catalysers of big changes in HE systems by Andrzej Wodecki

16) UNINETTUNO and the MOOCs, Origins, results and new perspectives by Alessandro Caforio

17) How we use video in KU Leuven MOOCs by Mariet Vriens

18) OpenQuest: Designing a Motivational Framework for MOOCs Instruction by Stylianos Mystakidis

19) The Research Results on Pedagogical Approach in MOOCs: Lithuanian Case by Danguole Rutkauskiene

20) MOOCs pedagogical and didactical approaches by Fred de Vries

21) Methods and models of MOOCs integration in traditional higher education by Diana Andone

22) How to design for persistence and retention in MOOCs? by Andrew Brasher

23) Shared Services for MOOC Offerings: A Vision for Turkey by Ali Ekrem Özkul

24) Shared European educational services from the perspective of Finland by Teija Lehto

25) Shared Educational Services for the development of MOOCs. A proposal for European Collaboration by Sebastián Rubén Gómez Palomo