HOME events

Main network events organised by HOME during project lifetime
Mile-stone Date Title  / number of participants / presentations Output (relation to WP)


27 Nov 2014 in Porto

Conference Mapping the European MOOC Territory

74 participants
15 presentations

-Proposed definition MOOCs

-Opportunities and threats of the MOOC movement for higher education: the European perspective

-Position papers for European cooperation on MOOCs  – 15 peer reviewed papers

-Porto Declaration on European MOOCs signed by over 70 organisations

all part of WP2 – declaration part of WP8


9 June 2015 in Barcelona

Masterclass How Europe seizes the opportunities offered by MOOCs

76 participants
6 presentations

Presentations first results of WP3-WP6 – building an expert network on each topic related to WP3 to WP6


30 Nov 2015 in Rome

Conference WOW! Europe embraces MOOCs

156 participants
25 presentations

'MOOCs in Europe' , a peer reviewed report of 31 papers

main results on topic of WP3-WP6


28 June 2016 in Brussels

Policy Forum on European MOOCs

61 participants
23 presentations

‘European policy response on MOOC opportunities'

19 policy papers discussing the MOOC policies of several stakeholders like MOOC platform providers, national governmental, higher education institutions and partners offering various shared MOOC services.

policies of stakeholders related to WP8. continuation of topics related to WP3-WP6

Policy forum will be continued during EMOOCs2017, Policy tracks