Report ‘European policy response on MOOC opportunities’

The HOME-EADTU report ‘European policy response on MOOC opportunities’ is a collection of 19 policy papers discussing the MOOC policies of several MOOC platform providers, national governmental, higher education institutions and partners offering various shared MOOC services.  The policies of these stakeholder, together with experts from EC and OECD, will be discussed the Policy Forum on European MOOCs in Brussels on 28 June 2016.

The papers selected elaborate on the following multistakeholder approach regarding the MOOC policies in Europe. Here you can download each part separately (including foreword)

1. Governmental policies on MOOCs
2. Policies of MOOC platform providers
3. Institutional MOOC policies
4. HEI strategies in different countries
    Subsequent policy paper: MOOC Strategies in Romanian Universities by Holotescu, C., Andone, D., Grosseck, G.
5. Shared MOOC services: regional, European or global level?

This publication has a CC-By 4.0 license.