Policy Forum on European MOOCs: Presentations online

The HOME project held a succesful Policy Forum in Brussels on 28 June 2016. The Policy papers of each pannellist are available as a separate publication. The following presentations are available in accordance with the programme:

Higher education Online: MOOCs the European way by Darco Jansen

Opening panel on MOOC strategies EC/IGOs
MOOCs and Open Education: Results from JRC-IPTS research to support policy by Yves Punie
MOOCs: R&I by Marco Marsella
MOOCS and Open Higher Education: Why we care by Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin

Governmental policies on MOOCs
Need for a national MOOC policy? MOOCs in Finnish HE policy by Ilmari Hyvönen
Norwegian National Policy for Open Online Higher Education by Susanne Koch

Policies of MOOC platform providers
FutureLearn by Mark Lester
Re-Inventing the Future of Higher Ed by Caroline Mol
Federica Weblearning/ The Italian MOOC challenge by Valentina Reda

Institutional MOOC policies
Higher Education in the Post-MOOC Era: Reflections from UC3M by Carlos Delgado Kloos
The impact of 30 TU Delft MOOCs by Willem van Valkenburg (Link to extended version)
MOOCs at Fontys University of Applied Sciences by Robert Schuwer
MOOC @ KU Leuven: an ICT perspective by Fred Truyen
MOOCs and other educational resources at the University of Porto by José Manuel Martins Ferreira

HEI strategies in different countries
MOOCs for opening up Turkish HE by Cengiz Hakan Aydin
MOOCs and Educational Technology Policy in Israeli Higher Education by Yoram M Kalman
Recommendations for MOOC strategies, response from Finland by Teija Lehto
HEI strategies in Lithuania by Danguole Rutkauskiene
MOOCs in the Republic of Ireland: A Gap in the Policy Landscape by Mark Brown

Shared MOOC services: regional, European or global level?
FUN : the French initiative around MOOCs by Catherine Mongenet
MOOC Development Policies: The ECO project in the European and Spanish context by Santiago Fano
Business models for MOOCs: Recommentadaions for joint initiatives by Cengiz Hakan Aydin
Shared Education Services for European MOOCs by Sebastián Rubén Gómez Palomo & Lourdes Pérez Sánchez