Position papers for European cooperation on MOOCs

The publication “Position_papers_for_European_cooperation_on_MOOCs” presents an overview of position papers on the opportunities and characteristics for European cooperation as presented during the HOME conference in Porto November 2014

Based on an open call for position papers19 experts submitted papers on any angle, subject or approach they freely choose, but the position papers were expected to address the key questions of how Europe could collaborate on MOOCs, including the role of Open Education. This implied addressing either one or all of a number of critical topics as institutional policies and strategies, didactical and pedagogical approaches and models, shared services, recognition options and quality assurance, economic sustainability approaches and business models and licensing and other legal aspects.

After review of the papers 10 were selected to present their views at a conference Mapping The European MOOC Territory, held in Porto on the 27th November, 2014. After revision we are proud that in total 15 papers were accepted for publication in this separate report.