With the HOME project we want to develop and strengthen an open network for European cooperation on open education, in general, and MOOCs, in particular. The specific objectives of this project of HOME are to:

  • determine the opportunities and characteristics for a European cooperation on MOOCs and to further develop these characteristics based on European values like openness, equity, quality and diversity;
  • explicate and develop the didactic and pedagogic models for MOOCs on a European scale
  • develop the conditions for shared educational services in offering and monitoring European MOOCs
  • develop sustainable business models for joint efforts on these European MOOCs at a global, European, national and institutional level.
  • build up a sustainable open knowledge network for these types of MOOCs which is open to the whole world.
  • initiate activities in different learning communities to enhance European-wide competence development on main topics related to developing and offering MOOCs
  • create guidelines and the policy incentives on a local, national and European level for an open knowledge network in MOOC offerings.